The Mentrau Iaith

The Mentrau Iaith helps you to live, learn and enjoy in Cymraeg 

Y Mentrau Iaith 

The first Menter Iaith (Welsh language initiative) was founded in 1991 in the Gwendraeth valley, Carmarthenshire. The rest quickly followed and there are now 22 Menter Iaith in Wales.

The Mentrau Iaith create opportunities where anyone and everyone can enjoy using Welsh every day within their communities.

Our history

Who do we work with? 

Mentrau Iaith is for everyone!

With families: We organise family fun days, parent clubs, story time and more activities where parents and children can pick up a little Welsh in a supportive environment.

With kids: We want to see children having fun in Welsh outside of the classroom, be it in sports clubs, using apps or in events – giving them the confidence to enjoy Welsh.

With young people: Mentrau Iaith work with Urdd Gobaith Cymru in many areas, organising youth clubs and opportunities to socialise in Welsh across Wales, allowing them to hear Welsh being used naturally outside of school.

With those new to the language: We open the door to those learning the language, or new to the language, to enjoy everything to do with the Welsh language by organising events especially for Welsh learners within the community.

With the community: Communities sustain languages, so we work closely with communities across Wales to develop ways to keep Welsh thriving in your area – by creating Welsh jobs, supporting new initiatives, organising events and more.