Here you can see information about the gigs, concerts, music festivals etc that the Mentrau Iaith organise or help with organising – basically everything to do with music!

Gwyliau / Festivals

Click on the menu to see the list of festivals the Mentrau Iaith organise all over Wales – something for everyone.

Why Festivals?

Festivals are a great way of showcasing the best of Welsh talent! You don’t have to speak or understand Welsh to go – if you enjoy music and plenty of activities – just go! These festivals include all genres of music – rock, pop, folk, quiet, noisy and somewhere in between! The Mentrau Iaith specialise in the local and these festivals are a great platform for local talent also.

Interested in taking part?

Contact your local Menter – Where? Go yma i gael mwy.


These festivals offer a great opportunity to volunteer in Welsh – from stewarding, sharing info, helping with the sound or even holding Magi Ann ‘s hand! Take a look at this video of the local volunteers for a festival held in Carmarthen: