Here you can see information about the gigs, concerts, music festivals etc that the Mentrau Iaith organise or help with organising – basically everything to do with music!


Click on the drop down menu to see the list of festivals the Mentrau Iaith organise all over Wales – something for everyone.

Why Festivals?

Festivals are a great way of showcasing the best of Welsh talent! You don’t have to speak or understand Welsh to go – if you enjoy music and plenty of activities – just go! These festivals include all genres of music – rock, pop, folk, quiet, noisy and somewhere in between! The Mentrau Iaith specialise in the local and these festivals are a great platform for local talent also.

Interested in taking part?

Contact your local Menter – Where is my local Menter Iaith? Click here to find out!


These festivals offer a great opportunity to volunteer in Cymraeg – from stewarding, sharing info, helping with the sound or even holding Magi Ann ‘s hand! If you want to practice your Cymraeg, hear the language all around you and immerse yourself – then why not volunteer at a festival near you?