Our Manifesto

The Welsh Language, the community and the local economy

Here we discuss our point of view regarding the Welsh Language, the community and the local economy along with the Mentrau Iaith’s network’s recent statistics. This report also contains examples of some of the Mentrau Iaith’s community and commercial projects that contribute towards increasing the use of the Welsh language to form prosperous communities and to develop the local economy.

2020 has been a challenging year with Covid19 affecting all aspects of our lives, from the Welsh language to our communities and the economy. Therefore, it’s more crucial than ever that we secure investments and sufficient support to protect opportunities to use the Welsh language and develop Welsh language services to reach a million Welsh speakers by 2050.

A summary of our proposals

The Welsh language

  • Investment to develop the Welsh language in the digital technology world
  • Devolve broadcasting
  • Ensure that people are able to access Welsh medium education and that parents can access support
  • Remove barriers to learning Welsh
  • Educate teachers about the history of Wales and local history
  • Careers advice that includes specific guidance regarding the Welsh language
  • Increase Welsh medium apprenticeships
  • Ensure that a specific percentage of places are reserved for Welsh speakers on degree courses in Universities in Wales
  • Extend the Welsh language’s standards

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The Community

  • Independent and impartial language impact assessments on new developments
  • Ensure that local authorities possess the powers to manage the housing market
  • Legislate to protect Welsh names
  • The Welsh Government’s departments to understand their responsibilities related to the Well-being of Future Generations Act to include the Welsh language when drawing up plans
  • Collaborate with organisations such as the Mentrau Iaith on Tackling Poverty schemes

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The Local Economy

  • Form a network of Social Enterprise Officers to establish Welsh medium workplaces
  • Continue to support Helo Blod Officers’ roles through the local Mentrau Iaith
  • Plan and co-ordinate between the need for Welsh language skills in the workplace and the education sector
  • Increase the Mentrau Iaith’s minimum grant to £100,000 a year plus inflation costs

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