Mentrau Iaith Cymru

Who’s Mentrau Iaith Cymru?

Mentrau Iaith Cymru (MIC) is a national organisation that supports a network of 22 local Welsh language initiatives, Mentrau Iaith, across Wales.

MIC supports the Mentrau Iaith network in a variety of ways, such as marketing and communications, training and lobbying for the sake of the Welsh language. Sharing information, experiences, ideas and resources between the Mentrau Iaith and other partners in Wales helps us all to promote the language and support our communities.

We develop national and regional projects along with the local Mentrau Iaith and other bodies. Just visit our News page to find out more.

In 2019 MIC was awarded the Level 1 PQASSO Assessment Mark with recognises effective governance and management within third sector organisations. Click here to read more.

Supporting the Mentrau Iaith… 

Our main objective is to support the Mentrau Iaith, the officers and their directors. We do this by:

  • Creating opportunities to network, share ideas and collaborate through a range of meetings, conferences and training sessions
  • Influencing by responding to public consultations on behalf of the Mentrau Iaith network
  • Developing regional and national projects such as Magi Ann and the Welsh Language Labor Market
  • Offering support and guidance on various issues, including internal policy, HR, research and development opportunities in the language planning sector.


Sharing ideas and open discussion is very important for the Mentrau Iaith network. MIC creates opportunities for staff within the language initiatives to collaborate and get to know each other through various conferences and meetings throughout the year.


We organise development opportunities and training in a range of subjects, such as child protection, leadership, language planning, community development to make sure that staff within the network feel confident in their work.

We take advantage of skills within our experienced workforce to lead some training sessions and collaborate with partners to develop quality Welsh medium training programmes.


We work with partners and the network to promote Welsh language activities throughout the year, along with national campaigns, to encourage more and more to use just a little bit of Welsh every day.

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