This is a fun, information filled quiz aimed at year 6 in schools all over Wales. The Mentrau Iaith have held this quiz nationally since 2021 with Covid-19 meaning that all meetings have been held virtually.

Below you can have more of an idea of what happened this year (2022) – interested in taking part? Contact your local

Cwis Dim Clem – and the winners are…

188 schools from all over Wales with more than 3,500 children have competed in the Mentrau Iaith’s fun and educational quiz, Cwis Dim Clem this year. Months of competing locally and regionally came to a head this morning [28.03.22] when these schools whittled down to just 6 teams competing head to head – all be it over Teams – to be champions.

Cwis Dim Clem (lit. No Idea Quiz) is a fun Welsh language quiz for year 6 pupils in Welsh primary schools. The Mentrau Iaith have held quizzes in their regions since before Christmas with everyone striving to reach today’s final. This year’s quiz masters were popular S4C presenter Mari Lovgreen and Owain Williams who presents Saturday morning kids show, Stwnsh Sadwrn. Mari said:

“It was so lovely to be able to host the Quiz this year and to see the children in their teams on the screen. The children’s energy could almost be felt, and their enthusiasm was very much palpable. There were several questions I struggled to answer, but the children seemed to have had a very good time of it!”

The 6 schools competing were: Ysgol Pen Cae, Cardiff Ysgol Cynwyd Sant, Maesteg Ysgol Aberaeron Ysgol Teilo Sant, Llandeilo Ysgol Llanfairpwll on Anglesey Ysgol Dyffryn Trannon, Trefeglwys

Only one school could win of course, and they were Yagol Aberaeron, Ceredigion. One member of their team said: “”We really enjoyed the quiz challenge. It was great to see everyone on screen and to be able to chat with Mari and Owain. The whole experience has been fantastic”.

Steffan Rees, Cered Development Officer, Menter Iaith Ceredigion, said: “This is the first time that Aberaeron School has managed to get so far in the competition, and to have actually won it in a very close encounter has been the cherry on the cake. I am extremely proud of the children who have been so enthusiastic about the competition throughout”.

Heledd ap Gwynfor, Mentrau Iaith Cymru Communications Co-ordinator said:

“Cwis Dim Clem is a fantastic opportunity for kids to enjoy the Welsh language paired with the excitement of the competition.

We want to see year 6 children build relationships with their new friends and peers through the medium of Welsh, giving them confidence to continue socialising in Welsh when they move up to the ‘big school’ in September.”

The national round of quiz was held for the first time ever on Kahoot – an interactive system of answering questions, and the Quiz is available for everyone – of all ages – to have a go at answering the questions by following the link: 

Game PIN: 0632346 

The schools in the final were:

  • Ysgol Pen Cae, Cardiff
  • Ysgol Cynwyd Sant, Maesteg 
  • Ysgol Aberaeron 
  • Ysgol Teilo Sant, Llandeilo 
  • Ysgol Llanfairpwll 
  • Ysgol Dyffryn Trannon, Trefeglwys