Mentrau Iaith sets a target to help Common Voice Cymraeg

Common Voice Cymraeg asks Welsh spekers from all over the world to play their part in safeguarding the future of Welsh in technology by recording and verifying voices. Mozilla, the software company, are leading the project.

The aim is to help technologies – including smartphones, computers and other electronic systems – to understand how people speak Welsh and to make voice recognition technologies open to everyone.

To reach this aim, Mentrau Iaith staff will try to contribute 22 hours in 22 weeks starting on June 26th, 2019.

Lowri Jones, Mentrau Iaith Cymru chair says;

“With technology playing such a large part in homes across Wales today we need to make sure that the Welsh language continues to be a part of this technological world. We believe, as a network that works to increase and strengthen the lanugage in our communities, we have a duty to be a part of this project. Setting this target gives a hub to all the staff to contribute to the language’s future as we aim for a  million Welsh speakers by 2050”

The mentrau have been contributing to the Common Voice Cymraeg project since one of the project’s leaders, Rhoslyn Prys, introduced it to mentrau officers in December 2018. Menter Iaith Fflint a Wrecsam has taken the project out of the office and into Berwyn prison, working with staff and prisoners to use their Welsh skills for good by contributing to the project. Other mentrau have also used Common Voice with Welsh learners and volunteers.

Rhoslyn Prys from says;

“Here’s a chance for us as Welsh speakers and learners to contirbute to a project that will bring a benefit to the daily lives of many. With an increase in voice recognition technology, either as a way to support individuals with vocal disabilities, or to interact with machines in Welsh, this is a way for is to contribute directly. Let’s go!”

Why not set a target with your co-workers? Have a look at how to contribute here.