Looking for things for you or your kids to do at home? Here are some ideas:

Welsh Apps: 

Several Welsh language apps now exist for young children including some created by the Mentrau Iaith such as Magi Ann, Selog and Bys a Bawd. You can view a list of apps here. 


Other app that you may find useful during this uncertain time is the Cwtsh app to help you meditate and relax. 

The AM app can also keep you busy with the Watch, Listening, Words, Gigs and Festivals channels being updated frequently to showcase the best of the arts scene in Wales. 

Music, radio and podcast: 

With music streaming now so easy to access, there’s a plethora of Welsh music playlists available online to suit all ages and musical tastes. Search for the Welsh Language Music Day playlists on your streaming systems or use BBC Sounds to search for Radio Cymru playlists. 

Radio Cymru will continue to broadcast countless content for our radio sets with podcasts of all kinds available on BBC Sounds. 


Technology will become a bigger part of our lives as we spend more time at home in the coming months. However, there are positive things you can do to increase the Welsh language presence on technology. 

Why not take part in the Common Voice Cymraeg campaign by contributing your voice or validating tracks? You can find more information here. 

It is also possible for anyone to create or translate an article on the Welsh Wicipedia. Watch these videos from Menter Iaith Môn for more information. 

Like flogs? An increasing number of vlogs and videos now exist on YouTube. From Hansh‘s funny and interesting videos to video games walk-throughs like Yn Chwarae – there’s plenty to entertain all tastes. Or why not create your own vlog using tips from Fideo Fi?! 


Like to read? Why not use this quiet time to catch up on the pile of Welsh books on your bedside table? Your local bookstore may be happy to post books to you. 

Several Welsh language magazines and newspapers are now available – Cara, Selar, Stamp, Codi Pais, Y Cymro, Barn, Golwg and more, and comics like Mellten. You can subscribe to many of them online. 

Want to support your local paper? In uncertain times it may not be possible for the community newspaper volunteers to meet to fold and distribute. Why not look at different ways of reading community stories such as email, on Bro360 website or sharing articles on Facebook? 


While relaxing at home, one way to forget about the uncertainty around us is to watch a great series or film on tv. Theres plenty of ‘nostalgia’ on S4C Clic including Jabas, Fideo 9, Amdani , Anturiaethau Sir Wynff and Plwmsan and films like Martha, Jac a Sianco and an adaptation of T Llew Jones’ classic, Dirgelwch yr Ogof. 

There will also be plenty of programs to suit all ages on S4C with Cyw, Stwnsh, Hansh and many more being broadcasted on the channel. 

Learn Welsh: 

Are you learning Welsh? You can practice with Duolingo and Say Something in Welsh website. There will also be an opportunity to chat with people using Skype. Contact your local Menter Iaith or Learn Welsh provider. 

Why not watch S4C’s specific content for Welsh Learners here? 


Mae gan sawl mudiad Cymraeg adnoddau neu grwpiau penodol all fod o ddiddordeb i chi – ewch am sbec!
Urdd Gobaith Cymru – resources for children and young people on Criw
Mudiad Meithrin – activities for young children on Facebook Miri Meithrin
Wales YFCRhoi cic owt i Corona facebook group for discussions, competitions and ideas for young Welsh farmers
Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol – sharing learing resources for Welsh students on their social media
Welsh Language Commisioner – sharing information on Welsh resources on their social media

Supporting small businesses:  

If you are looking to support the small businesses in our communities, why not buy a voucher from them for future use? Call your local shops to see how you can best support them.

Become a member of the Welsh Home Activities on Facebook for ideas or have a look on our calendar here.