We at Mentrau Iaith Cymru are hugely excited and pleased to announce that we have been successful with a grant application to the Volunteering Wales Strategic Grant programme, our project is called “Y Gymraeg a Gwirfoddoli 2022” (Welsh and Volunteering 2022)

The Volunteering Wales Strategic Grants is a scheme funded by the Welsh Government, and administered by Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) to promote and improve volunteering in Wales.

Iwan Hywel, Team Leader at Mentrau Iaith Cymru said:

“This funding, which amounts to £40,000, will enable us to run an innovative project which will be based on collaboration. A project that we feel strongly will increase the opportunities available for people to volunteer using the Welsh language, increasing engagement with the language within the third sector and through this work strengthen the Welsh language as a community language.”

Working in partnership will be vital to the success of the project, and we thank the following organisations for their support and their wish to be part of the project: Mudiad Meithrin, Urdd Gobaith Cymru, Menter Iaith Conwy, Community and Voluntary Support Conwy, Welsh Language Commissioner and the National Centre for Learning Welsh.

Below is a summary of the project. Remember to watch this space for further developments during the coming months and should you wish to get involved contact: post@mentrauiaith.cymru

The Project: 

Welsh and volunteering 2022: Gwirfoddoli a’r Gymraeg 2022/ Welsh and Volunteering 2022: Increase the number of people who volunteer using the Welsh language: strengthen understanding, develop systems, increase opportunities, promote opportunities, and doing this collaboratively and through working in partnership.    

There are 3 steps to the project: 

Cam 1 Step 1: (November- March): Concentrate on evaluating what is happening already and strengthen collaboration in 3 or 4 specific geographical areas, and include and discuss with relevant national organisations.

Cam 2 (February – April): Share good practice from the areas and from discussions with national organisations    

• Clear referral systems, strengthen relationships between organisations and improve opportunities for volunteers  

• Promote the use of the Volunteering Wales portal, ensure enough opportunities exist

•  Create a national framework for volunteering and the Welsh language (Y Gymraeg a Gwirfoddoli) which will be a legacy of the project and if there is eagerness would be available to organisations in the future to feed into the Investing in Volunteers scheme  

Cam 3 (April – June): National campaign to attract volunteers who want to use Welsh, to volunteering opportunities IN Welsh and FOR the Welsh language. A Professional Campaign across traditional and digital media, this has not been tried before.