The Mentrau Iaith encourage as many people as possible to respond to 3 consultations relating to the future of Welsh in our communities in Wales. Dewi Snelson, chair of the Mentrau Iaith, said:

“To use that old cliché, such as happens with busses, 3 major consultations have landed at the same time. We as Mentrau Iaith, see it extremely important to hear the voice of our communities in responding to these consultations”.

The Mentrau Iaith are known as organisations rooted in their communities across Wales, working with people within those communities to strengthen and empower the Welsh language in them.

“Responding to these consultations [the first to be presented by February 22nd] is a very rare opportunity to be able to influence the Welsh Government about the future of the Welsh language and the positive steps forward” explains Dewi: “We as a network of Mentrau Iaith have discussed how we will respond and one thing that is very clear is the need to legislate. A period of relying on ‘goodwill’ has had its time, action must be taken firmly on the floor of the Welsh Parliament”.

The Mentrau Iaith include a page on their website encouraging people moving into Wales to consider their decision carefully, keeping in mind that Wales is a bilingual country with many of its communities feeling the pressure linguistically, culturally and also economically when many of these houses bought are empty most of the year. The page can be found: here.

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