Mentrau Iaith in Gwynedd (Hunaniaith) Bangor, Conwy and Anglesey work together to launch CAMU. 

CAMU is a campaign to establish a brand to jointly promote businesses who can provide outdoor pursuits activities through the medium of Welsh and offer a truly Welsh experience for visitors – by introducing them to our history, place names, mythology, nature and give them a taste of the real Wales. 

The launch is held at Dinas Dinlle on July 5th. As part of the event two of CAMU’s member organ businesses – Wild Elements and Pellennig – will provide seaside nature workshops for children and a surfing lesson for its regular members.

Following over a decade working in the outdoor recreation sector, Menter Iaith Conwy have been providing funding for training budding instructors in the sector. Thanks to this funding, over 300 instructors have been trained during that time, who now work or run businesses in the sector. This means that the percentage of Welsh speakers who now work in the industry has increased significantly compared to fifteen years ago. 

Meirion Davies, Chief Executive, Menter Iaith Conwy said: 

“Back in 2003, only 5% of workers in the industry in the North West could speak Welsh. Thanks partly to Menter Iaith Conwy, financed by the Rural Development Fund and the continued support of Snowdonia National Park’s Sustainable Development Fund, the percentage grew to 28% by 2011. Since then we have continued to train, focussing on higher level qualifications. But the sector continues to grow, and we are very keen to continue with our work.” 

According to Llywela Owain, Senior Language and Scrutiny consultant for Menter Iaith Gwynedd (Hunaniaith): 

“We’ve known for about 20 years that local people and Welsh speakers are underrepresented within the outdoor pursuits sector in North West Wales. This campaign between the Mentrau Iaith and some businesses within the outdoor pursuits sector are part of the plans to try and tackle this issue. With the outdoor pursuits sector proving to be more popular than ever, we need to ensure that new work opportunities are available locally to our bilingual young people, who are completing outdoor pursuits courses in our Secondary Schools and Colleges. Also, it is our hope that, over time, more businesses and individuals will join CAMU as it develops and expands” 

Stephen Jones, the owner of Anelu/ Aim Higher adds,

“As a company working in the great outdoors in Gwynedd we welcome this campaign to raise awareness and support local Welsh businesses in a sector where the majority of visitors currently don’t necessarily gain a truly Welsh experience. We are very eager to change this and share the story of Wales with children and adults who enjoy the Welsh experience.” 

You can find out more by joining the Camu Facebook Group