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The Mentrau Iaith across Wales are calling out to find out the locations that Welsh speaking Santa (or Siôn Corn as he is known in Welsh) will be this winter.

A visit to Santa’s grotto is well established as part of the annual Christmas period calendar for all children in Wales, most of whom love to sit on Santa’s lap sharing all their wishes for Christmas presents. The ability to communicate in Welsh for many children is vital.

“All children in Wales should be able to speak to Santa in Welsh” explains Aled Evans of Menter Iaith Cwm Gwendraeth Elli; “Santa is a magical character, who lives far away, and yet he connects with all the children of the world in their first language. Being able to feel comfortable and natural with Santa is a special part of the experience, and that can only happen through the child’s mother tongue. ”

Santa’s grottos had to go virtual last year, and visits to the man himself were offered across Wales by registering for a time slot with the local Menter Iaith. One parent from the Menter Iaith Flint and Wrexham area noted;

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in the Siôn Corn Zoom sessions. Unfortunately we’re not Welsh speakers like our kids so couldn’t understand most of what was said but Charlie definitely could and looked somewhat starstruck. Thank you so much for arranging this and providing such a long and professional call”. 

Cwm Gwendraeth Elli children enjoying interacting with Siôn Corn in Welsh over the web

It is looking likely that this year will be a combination of the virtual and face to face, and so the Mentrau Iaith want to know where throughout Wales will there be a Welsh speaking Santa or Siôn Corn? Contact your local Menter Iaith now to let them know the details.

The Mentrau Iaith will compile a comprehensive list of the Welsh speaking Santa and the locations across Wales, this list will be shared so that all who wish to converse with Santa in Welsh can do so.

If Santa will be visiting a garden center, a village hall, a Christmas fair or will be virtual by computer, contact the local Menter Iaith with the appropriate information.

Not sure where you local Menter Iaith is? Information found here!