‘Bocsŵn’ music project operated by the local language initiative has been developing young musicians to form bands since 2001. Developing the skills of 11 to 16-year-olds to write songs, teach instrument and recording and music production with help from tutors – the project sets a great foundation for young bands and ensures a bright future for the Welsh music scene.

Members of ‘An(n)aearol’, one of the bands involved in the project presently, (Megan, Tesni, Cameron and Glyn) are from Anglesey and Caernarfon;

“Since visiting the ‘National Eisteddfod 2017, we’ve started listening  to Welsh music and go to see bands like Gwilym, Alffa, Candelas and Fleur De Lys. Seeing how much fun the bands were having on stage inspired us to be in band and to create Welsh music.

The Menter Iaith is great in supporting local bands by letting us use the equipment that in the studio and organise gigs to promote Welsh language music among young people.

We have all loved music since a very young age and hope to continue to create music and perform in the future.”

The initiative also seeks to encourage the young people to organise their own gigs and perform in various festivals.

Nia Thomas, Chief Officer of Menter Iaith Môn says;

Bocsŵn inspires Anglesey children and young people to take part in music, and many for the first time. Our aim at Menter Iaith Môn is to provide opportunities for children, young people, families and communities to enjoy in Welsh, and Bocsŵn has succeeded in penetrating Welsh music into the homes and hearts of Anglesey residents.

Welsh Language Music Day is an opportunity to celebrate this by supporting local young bands, such as An(n)aearol, Aerobic and Carma and give them a platform to perform their music and celebrate their success. Bocsŵn’s work is crucial to the work of the language initiative and it is a privilege to work with a group of young, talented and enthusiastic people to create a new generation of musicians who claim their place in the Welsh music scene!”