Learn to sing “Yma o Hyd”

The anthemic song “Yma o Hyd”, which has by now become an anthem for the Welsh Football team, is about the challenges that Cymru and the Cymraeg (the Welsh Language) have been facing in the country’s history. It’s about hope too – we are “yma o hyd” (still here) after all!

The Mentrau Iaith are supporting CânSing and their resources to learn to sing “Yma o Hyd”. The resources are available for free for everybody and they include a BSL version – so they are available for EVERYBODY to learn and sing the song and be a part of the Red Wall. 

Check out the CânSing website to give it a go!

Song :: Yma o Hyd – CânSing (cansing.org.uk)

Learning about the history of Wales

On behalf of the Mentrau Iaith the company Mewn Cymeriad has created a video to learn about Welsh history – the challenges and the success – in a fun way. Mewn Cymeriad has a broad experience and the skills to introduce history and Welsh figures of history in a very special way. And we are very proud to be able to share the video with you.

Click on the link to get the English language version with subtitles. There is a version without subtitles available on the Mentrau Iaith YouTube channel.  

And for some quick history about the song itself