This year, Menter Cwm Gwendraeth Elli, the first Welsh Language Initiative is celebrating it’s 25 years of servicing the Gwendraeth Valley and Llanelli.

In a special day of celebrations at the Mentrau Iaith Cymru stand, in the National Eisteddfod, there will be an introduction to the history,
development and future plans of Menter Cwm Gwendraeth Elli.

There will also be an opportunity to hear more about some of the innovative projects run by the Menter Iaith, such as the ‘Twilight Service’ a service in partnership with Hywel Dda Health Board to enstrenghten patients connections within their communities, and thus through the medium of Welsh.

Then, at 3 o’clock, we will be holding a special brithday party, in the
company of Menter Cwm Gwendraeth Elli’s Chair, Gwyn Elfyn, former Pobol y Cwm actor alongisde local volunteers and supporters.

Nerys Burton, Chief Executive, Menter Cwm Gwendraeth Elli, said:

“2016 is a significant year in the history of Menter Cwm Gwendraeth Elli and celebrations are already in full swing. Come and join us at the National Eisteddfod, Abergavenny, this Thursday, as we celebrate the first Menter Iaith reaching a very special milestone.”

“When Menter Cwm Gwendraeth Elli was established, back in 1991, Wales was a very different place and the Welsh Language faced serious challenges.

In 2016, we live in a different Wales with the dawn of devolution,
strengthening language legislation and political consensus in favour of
safeguarding the Welsh Language. This alone, however doesn’t mean, that we don’t have more to do to nurture the Welsh language as a community language in the Gwendraeth Valley and Llanelli.”

A spokesman for Mentrau Iaith Cymru said:

“We very much hope to welcome volunteers and supporters, past and present to our stall this Thursday to thank you for your contribution to the Mentrau Iaith over the last 25 years.”