Today, we are launching a national campaign to get behind Wales’ National Football Team in the build up to the Euros 2016. Osian Roberts, Wales Squad’s Assistant Manager is today kicking off the campaign, calling upon Welsh football fans from all over Wales to pledge their support to the team and pass the ball to the next supporter.

23 gigantic footballs will be touring the length and breadth of Wales over the next few weeks. Messages, clips and sound-bites of support will be shared on Facebook and Twitter as well as in public events across Wales.

We will also be calling on people to pass the ball to the next person, and this symbolising the importance of passing the Welsh language on to others, to ensure its future.

Dai Davies, former Wales International Goalkeeper, and a prominent figure in promoting Wales and the Welsh language is very excited to be a part of this campaign.

“Seeing Wales, for the first time, in a long time, competing in an International tournament is something we should celebrate.”

“Being Welsh, celebrating success, especially in Football is quite a rear phenomenon, but we have a real chance this time, to raise Wales’ status Internationally, and in doing so raise the confidence and pride people feel towards the Welsh Language.”

“As a football player and a commentator, the ability to speak Welsh has been extremely useful and advantageous throughout my career.”

“I’m extremely excited and happy to support the Mentrau Iaith’s campaign to muster up support for our national team, and I would like to encourage everyone to join in the celebrations, support Wales and support the Welsh language.”

What can you do to show your support?

  1. Get in touch with your Local Menter Iaith to sign the Gigantic Football.
  2. Share your messages of support to the squad, using the #CmonCymru and #DiolchCymru hashtags.
  3. Upload a video or sound-bite of you ‘Passing the Ball’ for Wales using the @MentrauIaith in your messages on Twitter or by tagging Mentrau Iaith Cymru’s Facebook Page and we will do our best to share your messages.

Keep a close eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages over the next few weeks, where we will be sharing all of your messages from every corner of Wales and beyond.

C’mon Cymru