Mentrau Iaith Cymru language initiatives and the National Center for Learning Welsh have collaborated to create a new logo to promote events and activities ideal for Welsh learners. The ‘Mwynhau’r Gymraeg’ stamp will be used for Mentrau Iaith events suitable for Intermediate and Advances learners from 1st April 2021.

The Mentrau Iaith initiatives work with communities to increase and strengthen the use of the Welsh language. Helping new Welsh speakers to become part of these Welsh speaking communities is an important part of their work, creating opportunities for learners to use Welsh outside of class with local people. Events include Coffi & Chlonc, Peint a Sgwrs, quizzes, book clubs and walking groups.

In 2020 Mentrau Iaith Cymru created a report looking at the different opportunities created by the language initiatives to support new Welsh speakers in their communities. Creating one logo to promote these events was one recommendation so learners are aware which events are suitable for them on their journey.

Daniela Schlick moved from Germany to Wales in 2015 and learning Welsh was very important for her. Daniela now lives and works through the Welsh language every day. Taking part in events like Panad a Sgwrs, going to Merched y Wawr meetings and being part of a choir gave her the confidence to use Welsh outside of the classroom. Daniela is keen to give other learners the opportunity to enjoy Welsh. She does this by volunteering with Menter Iaith Bangor running Peint a Sgwrs evenings for Welsh learners. She says;

“Having the opportunity to use a language is very important to gain confidence. Taking part in different Welsh activities has really helped on my journey of learning Welsh. Recognising which events are suitable for them will help more learners to use their Welsh.”

The National Center for Learning Welsh see the Mentrau Iaith activities as important opportunities for new speakers to strengthen their Welsh skills and to enjoy the language. Helen Prosser, the center’s Director of Teaching and Learning says;

“Creating opportunities for learners to practice their Welsh outside of class is a central part of the Centre’s vision to create confident Welsh speakers that use the language in their communities. The new logo, a part of our constructive relationship with the Mentrau Iaith, will help reach even more learners to Welsh language events.”

Timetables for Mentrau Iaith events and activities can be found here.