Myfanwy Jones is the new Director of Mentrau Iaith Cymru. In her previous role as Development Officer of the Welsh language within Carmarthenshire County Council, she was developing the Council’s strategy to promote the Welsh language in the county as well as leading and coordinating the county’s Strategic Welsh Language Forum.  

Myfanwy Jones grew up in Lledrod, in Ceredigion. She studied Welsh, French and German in Swansea University before doing her PhD in Warwick University. She has gained experience in language planning through her work with Menter Iaith Abertawe, The Welsh Language Board and through her freelance work in the field.  

The main focus of Myfanwy Jones’ work will be developing a national strategy for the Mentrau Iaith for the years to come, support and represent the Mentrau Iaith (the Welsh language initiatives) as well as promote their work.  

Mentrau Iaith Cymru (MIC) is the national body which support the network of 22 Menter Iaith all over Wales through providing marketing and communications support, providing training and creating opportunities to share information, experiences, ideas and resources between the Mentrau Iaith. Together with the local Mentrau Iaith and other institutions MIC also develops national and regional projects which benefit the Welsh language.  

Myfanwy says, ‘The Mentrau Iaith are playing a key role in our efforts to maintain the Welsh language as a language of the community. And I’m looking forward to supporting them and to helping them develop for the benefit of the Welsh language in my role as Director. Starting my work in this important role I will focus on developing partnerships and raising awareness of the Mentrau Iaith’s work.’