Welsh: Belongs to you and me
21 February – 1 March

About the Campaign
‘Welsh: Belongs to you and me’ is an exciting pilot campaign by Mentrau Iaith Cymru and Twf. The main purpose of the campaign is simple – we will be promoting key messages regarding the Welsh language within the online community with the objective of promoting local events and celebrations throughout Wales.

The Campaign’s Message
The messages that will be shared during this campaign are ones which Twf and Mentrau Iaith Cymru share throughout the year. However with the St David’s Day period being such an important time of year this is an excellent opportunity for us to celebrate the Welsh language and bilingualism in Wales.

The main messages are:
-The Welsh language belongs to everyone
-There are endless social and cultural benefits of speaking welsh and being bilingual
-Bilingualism is a skill for life
-The majority of the world speak more two languages – be proud of your bilingualism

How can you contribute?
MIC and Twf will be raising awareness regarding the campaign and events surrounding St Davids day. Local events held by the Mentrau are an integral part of the campaign.

You can take part easily by
-Sharing messages and re-tweeting
-Share messages regarding Saint Davids day events
-Share any videos, pictures, gifs or any other creations
-Please use the #belongstoyouandme when tweeting

Further information
Emily Cole / Morgan Williams (Mentrau Iaith Cymru)
Catrin Saunders (Twf)