Menter Iaith Conwy are seeking ideas on how to make the best use of a hidden hall in the roof of their newly-acquired building on the Square in Llanrwst.

They have already converted the first two floors of the former HSBC Bank into offices for Menter Iaith Conwy, a community translation company and the Wales-wide organisation, Mentrau Iaith Cymru as well as folr local architect practice Codi.cyf. 

There is however a vast empty space on the top floor that has not been used for at least 60-70 years, when the other floors were used for the bank. 

Now that Menter Iaith Conwy own the building they would like to re-open it to the public as a community asset for the town.

They are working with a team of architects and engineers to see what is physically possible to develop. They had planned to hold a number of open days for the public to view the space, but this had to be delayed due to Covid 19. They have now therefore created a video that will give people a good idea of the nature and appearance of the space, and that will provide an opportunity to submit comments and to fill a questionnaire. It will also be possible for people to arrange to call in as individuals or small groups to view the space and express their ideas.

“Our hope is to open up and transform the hidden hall into a vibrant space where the Welsh language will be an integral part of endeavours to regenerate the town centre,” said Menter Iaith Conwy Chief Executive Meirion Davies.

“Once we will have received ideas from the public and then adapt our plans and calculate the cost of the development, we will begin work on grant applications to implement the renovation work. It would also be great to hear from anyone who also remembers going to the hall before it was closed to the public.”

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