The year 2018 is a big year for Menter Bro Ogwr as we celebrate reaching the milestone of a quarter of a century since our formation.

On November 23rd, Menter Bro Ogwr will host a Gala Dinner at the Heronston Hotel, Bridgend with local entertainers who have seen great value in the work of the enterprise over the years.

Gracie Richards from Maesteg, a young singer who will be performing during the event says;

“Menter Bro Ogwr has opened a number of doors for me as a performer, helping me get gigs in places like the Urdd Eisteddfod and Ogi Ogi Ogwr Festival.

I’ve been playing the guitar and writing my songs for 7 years and have been gigging for almost 3 years now including gigs organized by the Menter. They are also great raising awareness of Welsh music in the area, encouraging young people to volunteer at events.”

Gracie Richards

Rhys Upton will provide the disco until late after the performers on the evening. Rhys Upton, a DJ from Blaengarw, started his own business, ‘Adloniant Rhys Upton Entertainment’ following support from Menter Bro Ogwr. By attending Menter Bro Ogwr clubs he developed skills to use new equipment, he received information on starting a business and improving his knowledge of Welsh music. Rhys says;

“I started volunteering with Menter Bro Ogwr, helping in their events. Then I realized that there was a great demand for bilingual DJs who play Welsh songs. The Menter Iaith is doing a lot of hard work to support the Welsh language in the area, organizing gigs around Bridgend such as ‘Cerdd yn y Cwrt’. I enjoy playing Welsh music at local events, and I travel across South Wales with my work. But I still enjoy helping with the Menter Iaith when I can.”

In addition to these talented young people, Gwyr Y Stac will be performing. They’re a Welsh Folk Group who likes to work with the crowd for a special evening.

As well as working with the county’s young people, Menter Bro Ogwr promotes and encourages the use of the language among families, learners and communities. They produce special resources such as the Placenames Pocket Booklet, made especially for the Urdd Eisteddfod by working closely with the local community to meet local needs.

Amanda Evans, Chief Officer of Menter Iaith Bro Ogwr says;

“I was born in Bridgend, I went through Welsh medium education in the County and then I was appointed as Youth Officer for Menter Bro Ogwr 17 years ago.

I was then appointed as Chief Officer and I am responsible for a project that is so close to my heart, that is to raise the profile of the Welsh language and to offer opportunities for residents of all ages to socialize through the medium of Welsh every day.

I’m so proud I have had the opportunity to speak the language at work and to have the privilege of meeting so many people of all ages over the last 17 years. To help raise their confidence in the community to speak the language, help them go for job posts through the medium of Welsh and socialising through the medium of Welsh and in ensuring impartiality and the opportunity for all to use Welsh in the way they would like.  

With all the challenges and so many projects I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. Menter Bro Ogwr celebrates quarter-centenary, WOW! I am so proud of the support we have received over the years and I really look forward to celebrating this great Birthday with everyone.”

Bro Ogwr