With many events postponed and cancelled over the coming months, including the National Urdd Eisteddfod and the National Eisteddfod, Magi Ann won’t be able to travel Wales to meet her young fans either.

Magi Ann is famous for her 6 apps which include colourful stories and games to help children and their parents to learn to read in Welsh. The apps are available to download free on the ios and Android apps stores. Magi Ann can usually be seen in many events across Wales throughout the year, but due to the current situation in Wales regarding Covid-19, Magi Ann is unable to hold or attend events.

Eisteddfod Magi Ann Saesneg

Because of this, Menter Iaith Fflint a Wrecsam have decided to organise and hold an online ‘Eisteddfod Magi Ann’ to keep children across Wales busy during these difficult times. There are 5 competitions all together:

1. Rap ap Magi Ann Video

Children are encouraged to record themselves dancing and miming / singing to Rap ap Magi Ann. Other members of the family are welcome to join in the fun as well. Closing date for this competition is Friday, 24.04.20.

2. Art and Crafts

‘Recycle with Magi Ann’- Children are encouraged to use items found around the house to create an artwork on the theme of Magi Ann .e.g. Magi Ann’s house out of cereal boxes, Magi Ann’s friends out of clothes pegs. Closing date for this competition is Monday, 20.04.20.

celf a chrefft

3. Poetry

‘Acrostic MAGI ANN poem’. Children are encouraged to write a poem in Welsh with each line beginning with a letter of the name of ‘Magi Ann’. Closing date for this competition is Tuesday, 21.04.20.

4. Story Time

‘Magi Ann Safe in the House’- Children are encouraged to write a story in Welsh featuring Magi Ann and her friends under the title ‘Safe in the House’. Closing date for this competition is Wednesday, 22.04.20.

5. Create a Puzzle

Children are encouraged to create a puzzle in Welsh to keep everyone busy .e.g. Word Search, Spot the Difference or Mystery Hunt. Closing the date for this competition is Thursday, 23.04.20.

The Video Rap ap Magi Ann, Art and Crafts and Create a Puzzle are open to all ages, but there are 6 categories in the Poetry and Story Time competitions:

  • Yr.1 – Yr.2 Welsh First Language
  • Yr.1 – Yr.2 Welsh Second Language
  • Yr.3 – Yr.4 Welsh First Language
  • Yr.3 – Yr.4 Welsh Second Language
  • Yr.5 – Yr.6 Welsh First Language
  • Yr.5 – Yr.6 Welsh Second Language

Send your work and masterpieces to apmagiann@gmail.com by the relevant closing dates, and the best will be shared on Menter Iaith Fflint a Wrecsam and Magi Ann pages. Winners of all competitions will receive a prize.