The ‘Ar Droed’ success story goes on – with Iolo Williams again this year 

For the third year now the Mentrau Iaith (the Welsh language initiatives) and the National Centre for Learning Welsh are organising the popular ‘Ar Droed’ (on foot) guided walks featuring different subjects. This year it will be venturing out into nature with the popular and well-known naturalist Iolo Williams again.

Iolo will be leading 5 walks in 5 locations all over Wales between October 2023 and July 2024. The walks are for Welsh speakers – the new one and the more experienced. There is also a special welcome to members of the SIARAD programme run by the National Centre for Learning Welsh which brings first language speakers and learners together.

This year the walks also include working with Gwreiddiau Gwyllt (Wild Origins), another project within the Mentrau Iaith, which has just started and is going to promote the beautiful indigenous Welsh names in nature.

Helen Prosser, Director of Teaching and Learning of the National Centre for Learning Welsh says:

“Creating opportunities for our learners to enjoy using their Welsh outside the classroom is one of the National Centre’s key aims, and we’re delighted that the ‘Ar Droed’ walks will be offered again this year. These walks will be a fantastic opportunity for learners and first language speakers to meet and socialise with others in their area. And they’ll be learning about our rich and varied Welsh vocabulary in nature with no one less than Iolo Williams.”

“I’m really looking forward to leading these walks and showing natures wonders through the different seasons of the year.” Says Iolo.

“There are so many beautiful names for plants, flowers, birds and trees in the Welsh language. This will be an opportunity for me to teach some of them to the Welsh learners – words that they might not come across in their Welsh classes.”

Daniela Schlick, Project Coordinator with Mentrau Iaith Cymru says:

“The Mentrau Iaith all over Cymru are organising activities that give people the opportunity to enjoy speaking Cymraeg wherever they live. We are very happy to be able to organise these walks under the ‘Ar Droed’ banner again this year. Conversations are much easier while doing things like going for a walk and socialising. The most important thing is to enjoy the activity and to do that in Cymraeg.”

“We are welcoming everybody who speakers Cymraeg – learners and first language speakers. The walks can connect between communities too, which is something that is at the heart of the Mentrau Iaith’s work.” Daniela added.

This year’s walks are:

16/10/2023 Tŷ Mawr Wybrnant, Conwy

17/10/2023 Melincwrt Falls, Castell Nedd Port Talbot

15/03/2024 Cilgerran Wildlife Park

19/03/2024 Newport Wetlands

02/07/2024 Southstack / Elin Tower, Ynys Môn


For more information and to register for the walks, get in touch with