What will you do for St David’s day this year? The Mentrau Iaith have plenty of things going on all over Wales – take a look through this booklet to see what’s happening in your area!

The Mentrau Iaith are keen to show that St Davids Day celebrations needn’t only be about leeks, daffdodil head dresses and dragons (although these ar welcome!).

“The Mentrau Iaith across the country will be joining in the celebrations in very different ways” explains Iwan Hywel, team leader of Mentrau Iaith Cymru, “Of course there will be opportunities to meet and have cawl and Welsh cakes, which is so important to get people together again and socialising in Welsh; there will also be helping arranging parades in all corners of the country – make sure to dress up and bring banners!”

Along with this there is an attempt to bring a young, digital audience to our patron saint’s celebrations as Gwion of Menter Iaith Sir Ddinbych (Denbighshire) explains:

“We as a Menter Iaith have been working with other Mentrau in north Wales since June 2021, creating a community of Welsh video players” says Gwion.

“These games include Minecraft, Fortnite and Among Us. The children love discussing, arguing, fighting and laughing together online in a safe atmosphere and doing it all in Welsh. We have set the theme ‘Gwnewch y pethau bychain / Do the Little Things’ for the February Club to encourage a personal interpretation of these famous words attributed to St David, asking players to imagine and create buildings, scenery or stories that convey these words”.


Enjoy the array o activities this St Davids day and take a look at what’s going on with your local Menter Iaith (information on who is you Menter Iaith found on the website) – do the little things!