Mentrau Iaith Cymru, a national organisation that supports the work of the 23 local Mentrau Iaith (Welsh Language Initiatives) across Wales, opposes the Westminster Government’s intention to cut S4C’s annual grant by 26% by 2020.

We believe strongly that the proposed cuts, outlined in the spending review last week, would pose a huge blow to the people of Wales.

S4C is more than a television broadcaster – its work is firmly rooted as one of the most significant and positive developments, in recent times, to encourage and support the use of Welsh.

S4C, the channel, its various online platforms and shows are a priceless resource that ensure the use and vitality of the Welsh language. The channel creates a means for the Welsh Language to reach more people across the length and breadth of Wales and further afield, be it Native Speakers, Learners or Non Welsh speakers, the channel caters for a broad audience.

S4C, over the past years, in spite of cuts to its budget and further threats to its funding has continued to evolve and innovate, thus ensuring high quality programming and output for the people of Wales.

Meirion Davies, Mentrau Iaith Cymru’s National Chair, emphasises the economic value of S4C to Wales:

S4C has made such a positive impact not only in raising the awareness of Welsh as a living language but by creating jobs for Welsh speakers in every part of Wales.

It has emphasised the economic value of the Welsh language, a key element in language revival. The Mentrau Iaith have a close relationship with S4C in terms of co-promoting events across the Country, events that strengthen the use of Welsh and unite communities.

We want to see more of this kind of work not a steady decline”

We call upon politicians in Wales and Westminster to oppose these cuts, and do everything possible to safeguard the future of our only Welsh language channel.

Can you help us by signing this on-line petition and sharing it amongst your contacts?