Christmas is the time we focus on children, and a message of hope from Menter Iaith Môn is that families will gift their children Welsh, for their enjoyment and for their future.

Nia Thomas, who heads Menter Iaith Môn said: “There are so many opportunities to gift Welsh to children, and they’re fun, community or free options!

“Firstly there are so many enjoyable gifts to enjoy through the medium of Welsh. For example, we as Language Enterprises across Wales offer free apps like ‘Selog’, ‘Magi Ann’ and ‘Bys a Bawd’ which the younger children can enjoy on a new ipad. Then for the older children of all ages, this year’s favourite is a ukulele with free on-line tutorials in Welsh by Rich Bocsŵn on Facebook or YouTube.

“Secondly, by buying local goods and services, we can invest in the enterprises that support our Welsh communities for the benefit of future generations.

“And thirdly, the priceless but free gift that will last a lifetime, gifting the language to children through family, in the home and through education. They’ll thank you in the future for the advantage you gave them to succeed in a bilingual country.”

There’s a big selection of Welsh gifts, including Seren Swynol for babies and a selection for all ages in the local Welsh gift and bookshops. Other original ideas can be found by searching online on @YrAwrGymraeg and #SiopaDolig.

SMEs seeking to include Welsh in their products or services can contact their local Welsh for Business officer for free support.

As for enjoying precious time during the holidays, S4C offers a varied Christmas selection, including ‘Cyw’ which is popular with children from all language backgrounds.

Contact your local Menter Iaith for more ideas on how to introduce Welsh into your lives this Christmas.