The Mentrau Iaith network of language initiatives are offering 29 work placements all over Wales for young people between 16 and 24 as part of the Kickstart job scheme. 

The jobs vary from administrative and marketing to front of house with Welsh language skills essential for all. Despite the variation of jobs offered, the network is disappointed in the lack of interest for the placements.  

Iwan Hywel, Mentrau Iaith Cymru Team Leader says; 

“These opportunities prove to young people that their Welsh skills are worth something once they leave school. As part of our manifesto presented to the Welsh Government in 2020 we called for ‘careers advice that includes specific guidance regarding the Welsh language’. The Mentrau Iaith network employ over 300 individuals all over Wales through our different projects and sister companies with Welsh skills mandatory for each one which proves that the ability to speak some Welsh will open doors to more opportunities. 

“Around 25,000 16-year-olds leave school with some Welsh language skills every year, so it’s disappointing that they don’t feel confident enough to apply for jobs in the language. The Mentrau Iaith wish to see this change. So, we encourage anyone who’s interested to recognise the worth of their Welsh and get in touch today.” 

The Mentrau Iaith aren’t the only ones recruiting for Kickstart roles requiring Welsh language skills. 

Ceri Cunnington from Cwmni Bro Bro Ffestiniog and Dolan said:  

“There are huge challenges facing our young people and communities, but we strongly believe these challenges present a once in a generation opportunity. This is a chance to set a precedent for collaborating to support our young people and local economies for a better future.” 

As part of the UK Government Kickstart scheme, the work placements offer support for young people receiving universal credit to return to work. 

A spokesperson on behalf of the Department of Work and Pensions says; 

“We recognise that a number of young people have suffered because of the pandemic, loosing employment. Kickstart’s aim is to increase employability and the chance for continuous work for those aged 16-24 in risk of long-term unemployment.” 

Any eligible individual can apply through their localJobCentrePlus..

Here’s a list of all the opportunities and closing dates: