What is Iaith ar Daith?

Iaith ar Daith is a full month of Welsh events happening across Flintshire and Wrexham County every May. Iaith ar Daith started in 2007 as a week to celebrate the Welsh language in Flintshire. The event was such a success that Iaith ar Daith eventually grew to include Wrexham County, before growing again to become a full month of Welsh events over both counties every May. Many well-known organisations take part in Iaith ar Daith, including Menter Iaith, Coleg Cambria, and the Urdd.

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What happens in Iaith ar Daith?

There’s something for everyone during Iaith ar Daith month – story time sessions for young children and their parents, friendly chat sessions for those learning Welsh, evenings of Welsh bands at Focus Wales Festival, clog dancing workshops, and more!

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2017 Iaith ar Daith timetable

There’s a very exciting timetable for the 2017 Iaith ar Daith! Did you know that you could attend at least one event in Welsh every day throughout May in Flintshire and Wrexham? Contact Menter Iaith Fflint a Wrecsam online or on 01352 744044 for a free copy of the timetable, or take a look at the Menter’s events on Facebook.

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