This year, Wales’s Mentrau Iaith are asking visitors to the National Eisteddfod in Meifod to share their unique words and sayings in a Dialect Booth on the Maes. It will be possible to do this by recording videos, sound bites and taking photos.

The ‘Bwth Tafodiaith’ includes art workshops where visitors can create their own artworks with the assistance of the expert artists and add these to a gigantic local newspaper feature on stand M47/M48.

Mererid Haf Roberts, Chief Officer, Menter Iaith Maldwyn said, “The Welsh language is a rich language with dialects by the dozen that belong to all parts of Wales. We feel strongly that a sense of ownership and belonging over the type of Welsh we speak is vital to maintain the Welsh language as a natural and vibrant medium. The project celebrates ‘Y Giêth Fêch of Montgomeryshire and the Wês Wês of Pembrokeshire alike. It offers a special opportunity to collect those special words and sayings from every corner of Wales.

She added:

“We want people to celebrate their Welsh in a fun way during the Eisteddfod and what better way to do so than create an artwork of Wales’ diverse voices.”