One element of our work is organising training for staff of the 22 Mentrau Iaith, from first aid to safeguarding, language planning to health and safety and GDPR.
We are eager to create a register of training courses available through the medium of Welsh to organisations in the third sector.
The Register will help:
  • Plan and procure relevant training
  • Create opportunities for organisations to co-work, share opportunities and expertise and plan relevant training
  • Find the gaps with Welsh training provision
  • Opportunity for companies to advertise the Welsh courses they offer
We intend sharing the register on our website, should companies wish for the information not to be shared they can note that the information is for Mentrau Iaith internal purposes only.
We therefore ask companies and individuals to contact us by completing the attached form noting what Training is currently available in Welsh? where is this available? what (if any) accreditation is awarded? length of training/ course? and what form (face to face, webinar, moodle)?
Please feel free to contact with any questions or queries: / 01492 643 401