The Mentrau Iaith are helping to lead the way in Welsh language technology. For the Welsh language to thrive we need to introduce more Welsh into the tech world, and use this technology. The Mentrau Iaith are pleased to announce the 3 shortlisted technology projects for the Mentrau Iaith Awards;

Video Game Clubs – Menter Caerffili 

The project’s aim is to increase the social use of Welsh through activities that use technology with weekly and monthly clubs, opportunities to volunteer, digital channels and many local online networks. 4 YouTube channels have since been created; Teganau, Gemau Retro, Gemau Fideo and Yn Chwarae targeting ages 5 to 18+ and reaching over 24,000 views. 

Magi Ann Apps – Menter Iaith Fflint a Wrecsam 

A series of 6 free apps that help children and parents to learn Welsh through simple and colourful stories. They offer foundation stage children simple games while learning to read whilst also promoting Welsh among parents. The character Magi Ann also lives outside the app, visiting parties, schools, fun days and more. 

WiciMôn – Menter Iaith Môn 

Wici Môn aims to increase the amount of Welsh on Wikipedia to raise the status of the language with large software developers, focusing on historial, scientific and cultural subjects. By now, 2,752 articles have been written by Wici Môn volunteers; primary and secondary school children and the elderly, which is a great contribution to the amount of Welsh on the web. 

The category is sponsored by S4C Clic, the channel’s digital platform. S4C is Wales’ national broadcaster providing over 100 hours of television a week from 06:00 am to midnight, all in Welsh. With increasing numbers watching entertainment online and using different technologies to do so, it is important that digital resources secure a place among the main players in order to share Welsh-medium entertainment with the audience.