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Mentrau Iaith Festivals & Gigs Booklet

Posted Thursday May 17th, 2018 in the Uncategorized category

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Again this year, the Mentrau Iaith across Wales organise and support a host of festivals and musical gigs for families, children and young people.

Here they have been collected in one handy booklet. Why not check if there is an event in your area?

One event organised by a Menter Iaith is Ffiliffest held in Caerphilly Caslte. Menter Iaith Sir Caerffili are pleased to announce that they are working with Y Selar to extend our annual festival to include an evening music gig for the first time this year, on Saturday, June 9th.

Four of Wales’ most promising and up and coming bands from the Welsh language music scene will be performing on the evening, Chroma, Mellt, Wigwam and local group, Y Sybs.

The family festival, held in the unique location of Caerphilly Castle, has established itself as a successful event during recent years. Although, the festival includes a live performance stage, for the first time this year, an evening event will also be held.

Menter Caerffili are responsible for organising Ffiliffest and have collaborated with Y Selar in organising the musical line-up during the day and for the evening event.

Ffiliffest had caught our attention as a successful festival in an iconic location, and I was extremely eager to collaborate with Menter Caerffili” said Owain Schiavone from Y Selar.

“ I saw an opportunity to develop the musical line-up during the day and also it seem a natural next step to introduce a gig during the evening which would expand on the musical programme and also appeal to a different audience.

“ There is an element of romance associated with a gig in a Castle also, paricularly later in the evening as it gets dark – the atmosphere will be very special.”

The aim, according to Morgan Roberts, from Menter Caerffili is to extend the appeal of Ffiliffest:

“Ffiliffest is a very successful festival and particularly popular amongst families from the area. By adding an evening gig we hope to extend the appeal and attract Welsh speaking young people also.

“Although there numerous gigs in the Cardiff area, there aren’t many opportunities for young people in the Caerphilly area to see Welsh language bands performing live within their own community and so we hope to this will provide an opportunity to develop more regular live performances.”


Tickets for the Ffiliffest Gig are on sale for £5 from the website: