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Supporting and Developing Welsh Music

Posted Wednesday February 5th, 2020 in the News category

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The Mentrau Iaith work closely with the popular Welsh music scene throughout the year, from running clubs and music sessions to organising events and festivals, here is a look at some of the Mentrau Iaith ‘s musical projects:

Festivals and events

The Mentrau Iaith organize and co-ordinate music festivals and events throughout Wales, all year. From folk to pop, they raise awareness of different genres of music performed through the medium of Welsh.

Artist and band development:

To build a Welsh music scene we need Welsh musicians. The Mentrau Iaith are central to the development of young bands and artists through various schemes that work with individuals to develop skills such as performing, songwriting and raising confidence in Welsh.

Developing local promoters:

The Mentrau Iaith have several schemes that work with young people and groups in our communities to give local people the skills needed to organise and promote gigs in their local areas.

Sharing Welsh music:

From learning classic Welsh tunes on ukuleles or listening to the latest music on the local radio channel, there are many ways to share Welsh music with people.

Do you want to hold a music event in your area? Contact your Menter Iaith today for a chat to see if together we can create an exciting and inviting event.

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