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Llannefydd singer values support from Menter Iaith

Posted Tuesday February 6th, 2018 in the News category

Llun gan Dewi Glyn Jones

Singer, Mared Williams from band Y Trwbz has found support from the local Welsh language initiative invaluable.

“I’m always in touch with Menter Iaith Sir Ddinbych and they’re great at promoting our gigs and events, as well as other Welsh music events. The Menter was very supportive of Y Trwbz when we wanted to organise a launch gig in 2015 at Theatr Twm o’r Nant in Denbigh. The Menter helped us with the organising, promotion and marketing. They do a fantastic job promoting Welsh music in the area.”

 Mared, who has been singing on stage at eisteddfodau since a young age, met her bandmates at school. Opportunities offered by Radio Cymru, and competition in Welsh music, like the Mentrau Iaith Cymru sponsored Battle of the Bands in 2015, helped Y Trwbz to succeed in the scene. She has now started performing as a solo artist, releasing a new single before Christmas with tv performances on S4C shows Heno and Y Gig Fawr in December.

As part of her studies at Leeds University, Mared is writing a dissertation on the importance of Welsh language music in communities, where the Mentrau Iaith’s work is integral. She says;

“It’s been very interesting collecting information for my dissertation, considering different viewpoints and angles around the Welsh music scene and its contribution to communities. Welsh music was such an important part of my bilingual upbringing, and has shaped my life since.”

With Y Trwbz members studying in different cities all over the UK, they enjoy getting back together to perform when possible. Mared says;

 “When we’re offered a gig at places like the National Eisteddfod or at the local rugby club, we’re very happy to play and glad for the invitation. I’m moving to London in September to study an MA in Musical Performance, but I always love coming home for the weekend and for holidays to sing.”

Mared Williams in Y Trwbz - Photo by Dewi Glyn Jones

Mared Williams in Y Trwbz – Photo by Dewi Glyn Jones